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The Freddie Gray case and the uprising it’s caused in Baltimore has been the headlining news story for the past seven days.

Just when looting and destroying property began to overshadow the basis of protest against police brutality, Baltimore City’s State Attorney Marilyn Mosby stepped up and assured the city she’s dedicated to “applying justice fairly and equally to people with or without a badge.”

Marilyn Mosby made the announcement that her office would be charging all six police officers involved in Freddie Gray’s murder. After receiving the official autopsy report from the Maryland State Coroner’s office, Marilyn will be charging the six officers on various counts, ranging from second-degree murder to official officer misconduct.

So who is this young attractive state attorney?

Well, Marilyn’s many things, but most importantly she’s a wife, mother, and purveyor of justice for all.

We have a feeling that we’ll be seeing more of Marilyn Mosby in the coming weeks, so we decided to share with you all everything we know about Ms. Mosby so far in the gallery below.


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