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Tinashe stopped by the No Judgment Zone with BlogXilla to discuss her monumental success following her smash hit “2 On,” and her personal life outside the spotlight.

The “All Hands On Deck” singer told us about crazy boyfriends, cuddle time, and the expectation that she’s the Janet Jackson of this generation.

When asked about being the new Janet, Tinashe said, “It’s a huge honor. Those are people that I respect as artists, people that I think are immensely talented. Obviously those are huge shoes to fill, but it’s always an honor.”

As far as crazy boyfriends go, the 22-year-old says she has around five clingy dudes in her past, but luckily they haven’t fully on stalked her.

“Anytime someone shows up to your house unexpected, you’re like, ‘why are you here bro?'” she joked.

Watch the full interview with our girl Tinashe above.

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