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It’s no secret that Young Thug’s engaged to be married to a young woman named Jerrika Karlae, but today, the “lovers” (as they like to refer to themselves) spoke about their whirlwind romance.

The two lovebirds met while Young Thug was recording at Gucci Mane’s studio in Atlanta over a year ago. Initially, Jerrika paid Young Thug no attention and declined his advances, but after a few months, Jerrika finally broke down and allowed Thugga to take her out.

“Everything he said was perfect,” Jerrika told VladTV. “He completely swept me off of my feet. That’s what people don’t know. He’s a charmer. Especially with women. He will sweep you off of your feet with his words…Ever since the first day we met, it’s been crazy ever since. As far as just the media, the comments—I mean, we’re both young, so we go through things, of course. I say ‘crazy’ because we’ve always had this mentality like we belong to each other…In the beginning it was like a power struggle.”

But before Young Thug came around, Jerrika revealed she was in a relationship with an unnamed NBA player.

Who, you wonder? We have no idea, but as soon as we find out, we’ll be sure to let you know.

The 22-year-old entrepreneur is currently designing her first swimsuit line – Karlae Swimwear. The swim line isn’t available at the moment, but with summer just a few weeks to go, we’re sure Jerrika will have it all up and running.

No word on when Jerrika and Thugga will decide to jump the broom, but we’re guessing it’ll be in the distant future.

Check out more photos of Young Thug’s fiancée in the gallery below.


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