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If it’s your birthday, make some noise. Go ahead Kanye, say something. Scream, rant, or Auto-Tune croon – just make some noise.

While Kim Kardashian is busy planning a huge surprise for her hubby, we’re just sitting here thinking about all the nice things we can say about Kanye, because it’s his “g-day” of course.

And although Kanye can be a bit of a grumpy cat at times, there’s a side of ‘Ye that the world doesn’t know too much about – kind Kanye.

Yes, folks. Despite his rants about classicism and fashion brands boxing him out, Kanye’s a nice person and he has “nice person” moments.

In honor of Kanye’s 38th birthday, we decided to round-up all the times Kanye killed us with kindness.

From hugging the paparazzi to donating to charity, Kanye is a giver. Kanye gives us good music and if you’re a friend, he’ll give you the shoes right off his feet.

Seriously, he’ll give just about anyone a pair of Yeezy Boosts just to spite Nike execs. How kind, right? Here’s All The Times Kanye Killed Us With Kindness.

The Time He Gave A Fan A Pair Of Yeezy Boosts If He Promised To Throw Away His Nikes

And That Time He Gave Dave Chappelle The Shoes Right Off His Feet 

“We Do This For The Fans”

Before North Was Born, Kanye Made Kim Give All Their Baby Shower Gifts To Charity 

Kanye Also Granted Kim’s Cousin Cici Bussey’s (Who Was Ill With Cancer) Wish To Attend A Paris Fashion Show

If You’re An Up and Coming Rapper, Kanye Will Listen To Your Rhymes. 

He Actually Does It A Lot 

Kanye Once Wrapped A Ton Of Presents For Underprivileged Youth & Then Went Around The Room To Speak To Each And Every Person

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