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Kanye West‘s name is always in the media, whether it’s for his music, fashion, or rants that need to be heard.

The Yeezus rapper usually gives pretty insightful, and spirited, interviews these days, but he called into Hot 97 this week, where he directly addressed rumors concerning him, and put them to rest.

The most recent rumor that has been buzzing is that `Ye kicked out a bunch of kids from a Chuck E. Cheese, so that his family could have the place to themselves, but it’s totally not true, according to him.

“So as far as Chuck E. Cheese and stuff like that, they should be paying me just to even be saying they’re name,” West said in rebuttal. “You saw evidence of where we go, we rented out a whole stadium, we not gonna be kicking nobody’s kids out of Chuck E. Cheese. I’m trying to stay off the carbs, I’m not even trying to eat pizza, what I’ma do at Chuck E. Cheese.”

Not only did he have some fun blasting the blogs who started the rumor, but he even made sure he gave his fans an update on his upcoming album SWISH, as it’s currently titled.

“[I’m working] on it slowly, to make it an art project [and] deliver the innovation that I know I can and that I’ve consistently done since 808s & Heartbreak and Dark Fantasy.”

“I really wanna go away, like I been doing a lot of features. Right now I just want to take some time to focus on my album, my next collection and North’s birthday. Just focus on my family and then be able to recharge and reenergize and bring something of value.”

He also talked about how he wants to be friends with Stephen Curry, when asked about the NBA Finals:

“I would like to be really great friends with [Steph Curry]. I think he would be an awesome Yeezy athlete. Get rid of those Underarmours real quick. The world would love to see Steph in some Yeezys.”

On top of all of that, Kanye also teased the idea that he might drop new music next week, which is also his daughter, North West’s birthday. He even spoke on his reputation in the media, and how it’s so different in person.

Listen to the full interview between Kanye, Ebro, and Nessa in the video above.


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