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Iggy Azalea might not be hitting the road anytime soon, but she is creating her very own book.

The “Fancy” rapper hit up Twitter to break the news to her fans.

Nick Young’s fiancée first engaged in a weird stream of consciousness, talking about getting a fish named Timothy, and a laser skin peel that left her looking like Two-Face from Batman. Iggy then talked about how it’s cool to hate on her, but she appreciates the fans who stuck by her, as well as the man she loves.

After more public sharing, she finally talked about the book:

The photo book started while she was preparing for her tour, but when that got canceled, they kept documenting her life and decided to share the photos anyway. Iggy says most of the photos are candid and make you feel like you’re there with her.

A glimpse into her “parallel universe called real life.” Stay tuned for more info.


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