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Everybody’s talking about Dope, the audience favorite from the Sundance Film Festival that hits theaters on Friday, June 19th. But if the 95 percent critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes isn’t quite enough to get you splurging on a ticket, check out one of the movie’s tracks “I Be Up” by Kap G featuring Nechie. Seriously, listen… it’s Dope.

The ATL kid’s soon-to-be hit snagged a spot on the Dope soundtrack, and the bass-heavy hip-hop track does not disappoint. It’s all about the hustler mentality.

We know Kap G is pretty pumped to hear what we all think about it. He tweeted about the song’s debut this afternoon, “saluting” My Mixtapez and giving us the green light to download. Kap also makes his own appearance in the film.

Listen to “I Be Up” on SoundCloud below.


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