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Tamera Mowry-Housley is pregnant with baby number two, and she’s got great advice to share with other moms.

Always a ten with her pregnancy style, the expectant mommy covers the July 2015 issue of American Baby magazine. With her baby bump on full display in a colorful jumpsuit, Tamera, 36, opens up about her second pregnancy with husband, Adam, and all the weird parts that come with it.

Check out some highlights below.

On embracing the weird parts of pregnancy:

“I feel so sorry for my husband, Adam. He wears cologne, and when I’m pregnant I can’t stand its smell — or even the scent of his deodorant. He takes a shower before bed. My dreams get worse when I’m pregnant and close to my due date. I dream my baby’s going to just pop out and fall. But everyone tells me dreams like this are normal.”

On not worrying about tidiness:

“I remember being in Aden’s nursery before he was born, making sure everything was clean and tidy. I was with Tia [Mowry, my twin sister], and she started chuckling. When I asked her why she was laughing, she said, ‘Enjoy the room and how it looks now, because once you have the baby, his stuff is going to be all over the place.’ Of course, she was right!”

FYI: Breastfeeding doesn’t guarantee that you’ll shed the weight super fast.

“After Aden, I thought I’d have my flat stomach back in a month by nursing. But I didn’t! I wondered, ‘What is wrong with me?’ But my pediatrician said that there are some women who keep on 15 pounds when they are nursing, while others burn fat like crazy. I could not lose the last 15 pounds until Aden was weaned.”

On dealing with sleep deprivation:

“When you’re pregnant and have a toddler, you are sleepy all the time. With my first pregnancy, I could nap whenever I wanted to, and I had fewer dishes and clothes to wash. And while getting to the gym is hard in general, when you’re a mom, it’s so difficult. Plus, while everyone else may be kinder to you when you’re pregnant, your toddler doesn’t take it easier on you at all. You have to keep up!”

To read more of Tamera’s advice, pick up the July issue of American Baby in stores now.

SOURCE: Necole Bitchie | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram 

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