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Caitlyn Jenner‘s debut on the cover of Vanity Fair was a huge moment in the Olympic gold medalist’s life, and arguably the biggest movement towards transgender equality to date. Laverne Cox, the first transgender actress to be nominated for an Emmy, has proven to be one of Jenner’s biggest supporters and now closest friend.

On Wednesday, June 17, Jenner publicly thanked her “fierce and fabulous” friend on Twitter for all of her support, making sure to end the tweet the right way with #TransIsBeautiful.

The OITNB actress posted a heartfelt note dedicated to Jenner on her Tumblr earlier this month. She deeply admires Jenner’s bravery and everything she has done for the trans community.

Cox wrote:

“On May 29, 2014, the issue of Time Magazine which proclaimed the ‘Transgender Tipping Point’ was revealed with me on the cover. June 1, 2015 a year and 3 days later, Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover was revealed proclaiming #CallMeCaitlyn I am so moved by all the love and support Caitlyn is receiving.”

She added:

“It feels like a new day, indeed, when a trans person can present her authentic self to the world for the first time and be celebrated for it so universally.”

Laverne has said that while she thinks Caitlyn looks amazing and is undeniably beautiful, what she finds most beautiful about her is her heart and soul. She is amazed by the way she’s opened up to the world about all of her vulnerabilities and by her strength to move past denial, despite the pressures that surround celebrities (and especially the Kardashians) to reflect our society’s vision of “perfection.” She called Caitlyn’s inner strength and honest devotion to her family “beyond beautiful.”

Cox is very grateful to be living in a world where finally, people are learning to understand and appreciate difference. The world has not always been so kind, and the actress is aware of that. She shared a story with Us Weekly about a conversation she had recently regarding the growing transgender movement.

Cox said:

“What a day. I was getting ready earlier and my hairstylist said, ‘When he was a kid, it was just not like this.’ We were watching television and they were talking about Caitlyn and they were talking about LGBT folks who’ve come out on YouTube.”

She added:

“The world is so much more welcoming for folks like us. So that’s really beautiful.”

Since the debut of the VF cover, Jenner has been filming her upcoming E! miniseries I Am Cait, which premieres July 26 at 9 p.m. She is also being honored at the 2015 ESPY Awards, happening on July 15th. Cox looks forward to the event as #CallMeCaitlyn takes yet another monumental step forward in the transgender movement.

SOURCE: Us Magazine | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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