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Tom Hanks‘ son Chester Hanks, aka Chet ‘don’t call me Chet Haze no mo‘ Hanx, has been running his mouth much of late, and it seems like his father tried to stage an intervention after his reckless behavior.

According to RadarOnline, Tom sent his 24-year-old son (who has been spouting off the n-word like it’s going out of style) on a maximum security prison tour in order to scare him straight.

“They told Chet, ‘This is where you’re ending up!’ But Chet didn’t take the jail visit seriously: he just kept getting high!” the source said of the effort.

Guess it really didn’t work, because Chet continued to act up, run wild, and basically “do him.” Radar reports that Tom is upset because of the stress Chet’s placing on his mother Rita Wilson.

It’s not just family that Chet is pissing off. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly went on Complex to explain why he hates the guy. MGK told a story about the time Chet paid his friend $500 to get on the mic and yell, “A yo fuck the DJ.”

Do you think there is any helping Chet Hanx?

SOURCE: Radar Online | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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