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Pharrell Williams has always had one of the most unique styles to him, and sticking to his guns of fashion has certainly paid off.

The “Happy” singer and producer recently was featured on GQ‘s Most Stylish Men Alive list, and he even landed one of the covers for the high-fashion men’s mag.

In his interview with the outlet, Pharrell talked about his doodle-influenced style, always sticking to it despite the chances of criticism, and appreciating flowers and rainbows.

He told the magazine of incorporating rainbows and flowers into his style:

“I’d be afraid for anyone that had a problem with a rainbow. You know? It’s one of the most amazing things ever and it’s actually a gift from the holy. It’s an illusion where light is refracting through moisture or a dense rain system and because you’re blessed to be standing where you are or driving where you are or flying where you are or looking out a window, you’re lucky enough to catch the light that is all around us in a refracted way. Because truth be told there are always rainbows, but not everybody is always in the right conditions to see them. It takes the light going through a prism or it takes the light going through water for us to see that. So when nature gives that up to you randomly, it’s a gift! It would be crazy not to appreciate that. And flowers—who doesn’t appreciate flowers? Yes, women appreciate flowers. But man, if we don’t have flowers the bees can’t pollenate and the food chain… it’s over! I dunno, maybe I’m just in a really grateful place. There are ills in this world, but there’s also inspiration.”

He also explained where some of the doodles come from that are on his clothing:

Whatever I’m thinking about just comes through. It’s a way for me to express myself, but it’s not like I’m taking it seriously. It’s not like I schedule this. Every once in a while I just take my pen out and doodle. They wouldn’t be as good if I took ’em super seriously like I’m some artist and shit. I think it’s that DIY thing that I grew up with as a kid.

We’re glad that Pharrell doesn’t let anyone determine his style, and embraces what he loves. To read his full feature in GQ, click here.


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