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The folks at UCLA have decided not to press charges against Diddy, and they are urging police to drop the case as well.

According to TMZ, the university is regretful that a recent scuffle with one of the coaches after practice escalated into the mogul being placed in handcuffs and arrested.

They think Diddy is a jerk who they’d like to make persona non grata, but they don’t want to make this a courtroom spectacle, largely because it would be bad for the team.

Sources with direct knowledge of the confrontation between Diddy and Sal Alosi tell us, after the incident the coaches all decided to just let it go.

UCLA believes it was one of the interns who called the police in the first place and while they might still file charges, it’s believed that since Bruins head coach Jim Mora isn’t interested in an escalation of the incident, the interns will follow suit.

The case is slated to go to the L.A. County D.A. for felony review next week. Diddy is claiming self-defense.

A lawsuit against a famous father could stop other famous kids from going to the school, including Shaquille O’Neal’s 6’8 basketball phenom son Shareef O’Neal. The high school sophomore is already a highly recruited athlete. UCLA and other Southern California schools have been trying to snag the prospect.

He’s not fazed by it at all. TMZ caught up with Shareef and his mother Shaunie O’Neal, who said they’d still consider UCLA.


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