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Last night, model Chrissy Teigen shared a photo from a recent W Magazine shoot in which she was topless. In the accompanying caption, John Legend’s wife mentioned that she was “honored to be in the company of such gorgeous women!”

A photo posted to Twitter, below, by Senior Vice President and Managing Director of IMG Models Ivan Bart shows thumbnails of the gorgeous company Chrissy is keeping.

The full-sized photo Chrissy posted to Instagram, however, had one of her nipples in full view, a violation of Instagram’s guidelines. As a result, Insta removed the photo.

In an act of defiance, she tweeted the following:

Then Chrissy got creative. In three successive posts, she posted her W Mag snap with seemingly three different photo filters to poke fun at the harsh Instagram stipulation. Gawker has screenshots of all four photos, including the original banned pic.

Chrissy’s mom also Instagramed the photo with an emoji sensor so it would not violate guidelines and subsequently be removed.

By the end of the debacle, Chrissy played it safe by posting the following dog pic. No one gets mad at dog pics.

Fellow model Brooklyn Decker chimed in on Twitter:

Instagram’s censorship management employees best stay woke in the event that Chrissy comes back with a vengeance.

SOURCE: Gawker, Twitter, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Twitter, Instagram

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