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Thought you had control of your ovaries? Well, get ready for them to shake, rattle, and roll when you watch these adorable videos of Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s two-year-old son Sebastian “Bash” Thomaz.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the bubbly toddler on social media, but after Amber discovered her ex-mother-in-law was still posting videos and pictures of Bash on her personal Instagram account, Amber decided to end her photo embargo and put Bash back on the ‘Gram.

When we discovered Bash can pronounce the word “translucent” and knows how to properly use it in a sentence, we absolutely lost it. Our ovaries are on complete explosion standby.

You might want to think about how you like your eggs – fried or fertilized – because these videos will have you seriously considering the latter.

Go crazy for Bash below.

“I’m A Yellow Lion”

Bash catches the “Uptown Funk” holy ghost

There’s also that time Bash attempted to climb a tree in New York City

“Heyyy…what happened to my eye?”

Strawberry picking with his OG Peachie

Bash also moonlights as a pirate from time to time

Bash The Superhero

Going UP on Wednesday

He may only be two, but Bash is acquiring life skills…like grocery shopping

“No” is officially his favorite word

Turning up for his 2nd birthday

Playing make-believe with his mommy

Bash has his ABCs on lock.

“Rain boots”

“What’s a dog say?”

Following in daddy’s footsteps as a rapper.

Bash is clearly a Makonnen fan

SOURCE: Instagram

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