Once in a while we come across a Twitter legend, someone who balances the ratchet with the logical to perfection.

In comes Riff Raff.

The rapper  – who goes by “Jody High Roller” on Twitter – has laid down some gems for the world to enjoy and in accordance, the cast of Socially Decoded evaluated him as the modern-day social media prophet he is.

After deciphering his Twitter, King Keraun, Marisa Mendez, Ernest Estime, It’s The Real, and more all came to the conclusion that Riff Raff could be some kind of genius. 

Check out this week’s episode of Socially Decoded and see tons more celeb Twitter hilarity here.

30 Pictures Of Riff Raff’s Best Friend, His Dog Jody Husky (PHOTOS)
riff raff dog
30 photos

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