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It’s Ariah, by the way.

Actress Tamera Mowry-Housley, 37, welcomed baby number two on Wednesday, June 1st. She and husband Adam Housley named their daughter Ariah Talea, and the two could not be happier with their choice.

According to the actress and co-host of The Real, the couple picked out the name long before Tamera was even pregnant. She wrote on her website that she had always known she wanted to name her almost 3-year-old son Aden, and since her husband’s name happened to also start with an A, she thought she might as well stick to family tradition for her children. Strangely enough, she and her husband casually stumbled into their next “A” while passing by a boutique, proving that shopping is, in fact, an important activity.

Tamera wrote:

“So it worked out that before Adam and I were even married, we stumbled across a shop named Araya. I stopped and immediately told him I loved the name and wanted that to be my future daughter’s name.”

Once the couple heard they were pregnant, they considered other “A” names, but always had Ariah on their minds. The only problem was Tamera wasn’t crazy about the name’s spelling. She worried people would call her daughter a-RAY-ah by mistake, so she changed the spelled to that of “Mariah” without the M.

Tamera has been in love with the name Talea for years, so much that one of her friends planned to use it for a book character, inspired by Tamera. So for the soon-to-be mom, it was a no-brainer middle name choice. Besides, if all the kids are going to have “A” names, it’s only fair to let her daughter have a “T” middle name, right?

It wasn’t until after they had already signed the lease on the name that Tamera and Adam realized what Ariah Talea really meant. Both are Hebrew names – Ariah means Lion of God and Talea means one who resembles the morning dew of Heaven. Tamera said they “couldn’t have found names with a better meaning if [they] tried.”

The proud parents are absolutely elated about their healthy, beautiful baby girl.

Tamera ended her post with:

“Holding her in my arms every day I know we chose right. We are so elated (though exhausted) to have a beauty and healthy baby girl. We are truly appreciative of all of our family, friends and fans for their blessings. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Can’t wait to share more about her as she continues to grow and warm our hearts.”

Congrats to the happy couple.


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