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Giants NFL Pro Bowl defensive lineman Jason Pierre-Paul is a lucky man.

He still has his hand, but he lost a finger after a fireworks accident at his Florida home over the July 4th holiday. JPP has been in the hospital ever since.

Via TMZ:

ESPN’s Adam Schefter says he’s obtained medical records that show doctors removed his right index finger.

JPP’s status has been shrouded in mystery ever since the incident — and we’re assuming JPP’s wants it that way since there’s a LOT of money on the line in terms of a new contract.

According to reports, that fireworks accident (which also fractured his thumb) might have cost JPP around $60 million, since the New York Giants pulled his long-term contract offer amid rumors about his condition. Pierre-Paul, however, maintains that he’ll be back in the fall.

ESPN reports:

One source characterized the timeline for Pierre-Paul’s return as being “sooner than people think” and said he still is expected to play this season.


Pierre-Paul is technically not under contract with the team as he has not yet signed his one-year franchise tender. The deadline for franchised players to agree to long-term contracts is July 15. If a deal can’t be reached by that date, Pierre-Paul would have to play under his $14.8 million tender, unless the Giants decide to withdraw it.

While he did lose a finger in the explosion, there is a graphic picture of his alleged injury floating around.

This is obviously a fake. But still, gross.

We’ll have to wait and see what the Giants do with JPP.


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