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F*ck yeah, it’s Shark Week.

The first Shark Week premiered on July 17, 1988, and since then…nothing’s been the same. Year after year, people around the world mark their calendars for Discovery Channel’s week-long shark-fest, an absolute feeding frenzy for shark lovers everywhere. In 2010, at just 27 young years old, the program became the longest running cable TV event ever. To this day, Shark Week is an absolute staple of the quintessential American summer.

Here’s the thing: 99 percent of the time, if you ask someone what their favorite animal is, they will not say shark (normally they’ll say dog if they’re super basic and possibly cat, if they’re slightly deranged). But despite that harsh reality, every time July or August rolls around, everybody decides they are absolutely obsessed with giant fish.

Maybe we do it because it’s a relief to have something to actually talk to people about for a week, or maybe it’s just fun to make Shark Week your “thing.” If you’re one of the more recent Shark Week fans, maybe you’re just super bummed that season 5 of Games of Thrones is over and you’re looking to fill your void of violence. Whatever the reason may be, people go absolutely bonkers for this week every year.

As avid Shark Week enthusiasts, we took it upon ourselves to do some very thorough digging through one of the greatest forms of social media on the web – Twitter. And with perseverance and persistence, we found out the real reasons why people freak the f*ck out about Shark Week.

1. Shark Week addresses an extremely important, pressing issue that human beings face on a regular basis. 

2. The week-long extravaganza clears up most common misconceptions our society has about salt water. 

3. It provides us with further proof that Khloe is, in fact, the best Kardashian. 

4. It gives people a reason to do ridiculous (and pretty questionable) things to their pets. 

5. People have a reason to paint their nails like they’re still seven-years-old, though we believe this degree of obsession went one nail too far. 

6. Moms finally have an excuse to throw a “shark party,” because apparently that’s a thing. 

7. Screw the Super Bowl. Save the best commercial advertisements for the deadly fish with the terrifying teeth. 

8. You get to dress your newborn up as a shark, finally!

9. People get the chance to take a stand for the real issues facing our society. 

10. Shark Week inspires new fashion trends, like below. Please note that this person apparently “needs” all of these…

If you’re late to the game, don’t worry. It’s not too late to start pretending you’re obsessed, too. You can catch four more days of Shark Week as it continues through Sunday, July 12th. Join the madness and tune into Discovery Channel now.

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Twitter

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