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Celebrities should know by now, if they’re going on Wild ‘N Out, prepare to be roasted, and as usual, the show’s comedians pulled no punches. However, this time the tables were turned, as Lakers player Nick Young, or as the fans like to call him “Swaggy P,” clowned show host Nick Cannon right back.

Of course, Cannon started off the WildStyle section of the show by coming for both Young and his lady, rapper Iggy Azalea, with the lines…

“How you gon’ come on this show with them ugly ass pants? You be at home like, ‘Iggy, give me one more chance! Iggy, Iggy, give me one more chance!'”

Not to be undone, Swaggy had a comeback so good, you almost didn’t notice his lack of rapping ability:

“My name Nick, and I run the ball,” he rapped, “you just mad ’cause Iggy sell more albums than yours!”

Later in the show, shockingly, her name was brought up again. This time, a comedian asked Young a very intimate question about his Australian fiancee’s skills “down under.” Check out Nick’s answer in the video above, but here’s a hint: apparently Iggy can rock more than just one kind of mic.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Brand Group

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