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I just want to take this time to wish a happy birthday to Penelope Disick. She only turned 3 yesterday, but when she achieves her plot of taking over the world, I’d want to serve in her army of awesomeness.

Have you ever noticed that whenever the paparazzi catch a picture of Penelope, she looks like she’s also in the middle of planning some mischief? She’s not alone; her accomplice North West is in on this, too.

Kim said they help each other with their boo-boos, but I think these are just battle wounds.

P loves hugs and ice cream, but something about her glare makes me nervous that one day she’ll rule us all.

Yep, I get a serious Stewie Griffin vibe from little P.

All jokes aside, happy birthday to Penelope Disick, and check out some adorable photos of her diabolical faces below.


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