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Recently, ATL rapper OG Maco has become known for not shying away from political statements. However, many have doubted his sincerity about being a conscious rapper, especially considering his claim to fame is “U Guessed It.”

Well, last night and this morning, the rapper took to Twitter to address his critics and share his unpopular opinion on the rap game right now. Maco is extremely unhappy with all the music that focuses on drugs, girls, and other material things.

One of the targets of his dissatisfaction is rapper Future. He had some very strong words to say about Future’s music and the effect it has on listeners.

One fan of Future Hendrix was obviously very upset and retaliated by saying “Lol from the guy who blew up off  ‘U Guessed It.'” Maco responded by explaining the origins of his famous track and how it doesn’t reflect his personal views. He also mentioned a song he made to help a friend counteract his own drug use.

Maco responded by reaffirming how much of a fan he is of Future, and throwing shade at everyone who joined the Future Hive of late.

What do you think; does Maco have a point, or nah?


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