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Kylie Jenner has been flaunting her blue hair, braids, and brand new video vixen physique on the ‘Gram and Snapchat, and Hunger Games star Amandla Stenberg has something to say about it.

Kylie switched up her new blue hair for braids and Amandla decided to drop a little fact check in the comment section. Of course, Kylie snapped back.

Amandla said White girls can do better, since they love taking from Black culture, but fail to take a stand against police brutality and racism.

A sassy and defensive Kylie told the Hunger Games star to go hang with her ex-boyfriend Jaden Smith. Ouch!

Fortunately, Jaden’s prom date took to Twitter break down her case even more, saying that White women are praised for altering their bodies, plumping their lips, and tanning their skin, while Black women are shamed when they have those features naturally.

Amandla has a point. Meanwhile, Jaden Smith is unbothered, hanging out with Justine Skye, Harry Hudson, and Kehlani in New York.

What do you think about the Kylie/Amandla feud?


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