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M.I.A. joins the long list of artists hopping on the Apple Music bandwagon.

Just last week, Drake debuted his “Energy” video with the new music streaming service, along with Pharrell and Eminem, and now M.I.A. releases her “Broader Than A Border” video with the program.

The video features two previously recorded songs titled “Swords” and “Warriors,” off her 2013 release Matangi. The video was edited and directed by M.I.A during her journey through India at a woman’s temple, as well as West Africa. The visual also features culturally inspiring choreography from female sword dancers and an African spiritual warrior.

M.I.A. spoke about the concept behind her latest visual project:

“I directed and edited my first music video for ‘Warriors’ for my last album, Matangi, and I held it back until now, because it inspired me to make a whole series of songs and videos on the concept of borders. Making songs and videos at the same time out of a suitcase on location is something I did on my album Kala, but it’s video, as well as music, made by me in a very Arular way.”

“Swords” will be featured on M.I.A.’s upcoming fifth album Matahdatah, which is due out later on this year. Check out M.I.A’s dope new videos up top.

SOURCE: Apple Music

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