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So, Kylie Jenner couldn’t sleep last night…but damn, the girl could tweet.

The 17-year-old reality television star went on a hardcore vent-fest last night via Twitter, blasting feeds around the globe with what was “on her mind.” Apparently, Kylie’s on a new Twitter-kick for keeping fans constantly updated on her thoughts and her life.

The following post succeeded the “can’t sleep” tweet:

Quite the cliffhanger, right? Don’t worry, Kylie never actually leaves us hangin’. The youngest member of the Kardashian group shifted gears, posting a rather sentimental tweet about being grateful for “[having] a wonderful life to be lived,” and then she spilled the beans about graduating from high school last week.

Kylie wrote:

Of course, now we’re wondering how she and BF Tyga celebrated the special occasion…hopefully he didn’t jump to share his excitement via text, if you catch our drift.


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