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Chief Keef and Juicy J aren’t playing games.

Two of your favorite rappers (who are constantly under the influence) team up for a street anthem titled “What The F*ck Is Y’all On.”

“I still mob through my city like I’m fucking King Kong/ What the fuck is y’all on what the fuck is y’all on/ Like I don’t ride with them burners go bur rum ba bum bum/ What the fuck is y’all on what the fuck is y’all on/ Juicy got the streets talking ’cause a nigga still on/Still riding clean still getting high still blown,” raps Juicy J. 

Both Keef and Juicy are readying their forthcoming albums, Bang 3 and Pure THC: The Hustle Continues respectively. Take a listen to Chief Keef and Juicy J’s new banger below.


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