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We’re speaking on behalf of most, if not all of America when we say, “chill out with the breakups, people.”

It really does seem like this year has been one celebrity split after another. Athletes, actors, singers, and songwriters around the nation just keep calling it quits, and quite frankly, we’re not sure how much more of this torture we can take. Just yesterday, we heard the news that country music sweethearts Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton finalized their divorce, and Rita Ora split up with Ricky Hilfiger after their year-long relationship.

And that was just July 20th, guys. This year (and particularly this summer) has been an absolute sh*t show in terms of celebrity breakups. Look, Scott and Kourtney, we get it…we’ve pretty much seen that coming for a few years now. But Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, we just… we just can’t.

The scariest part about this tragedy is that there are five solid months left in 2015. Considering this many monumental breakups have already gone down so far, we can only assume the rest of the year will just keep getting worse (or better, depending on the celebrity couple).

Today, we pray for all the celebrity lovebirds who have managed to not fall victim to the 2015 breakup curse, yet. And mark our words, if Beyonce and Jay Z ever split, we’re suing Hollywood.

Now, let’s take a look at this year’s most heartbreaking celebrity breakups so far… and hope the list does not continue to grow.


#LoveLost: The Most Heartbreaking Celebrity Splits Of 2015
Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton
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