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The Internet has been in a frenzy since Meek Mill went on a Twitter rant last night, where he claimed that Drake has a ghostwriter.

After tons of social media users did research, and some confirmation from OG Maco, speculation began that a man named Quentin Miller was the guy behind some of Drizzy’s hits.

This evening, as fans and the web continue to speculate, Funkmaster Flex added to the fire, as he released a version of Drake’s “10 Bandz,” that sounds like the original reference track for the OVO head.

He wrote on his Instagram, “Is this the reference of #Drake’s alleged Ghostwriter, Quentin Miller, for #10Bandz??? turn on hot97 right now!!! [Audio]”

There’s no confirmation as to when the “10 Bandz” track from the alleged Quentin Miller was recorded, but it definitely adds more to the increasing speculation.

Meanwhile, 40, Drake’s longtime producer, has spoken out, which he rarely does, addressing all of the speculation behind Quentin Miller. He seems to confirm that he is active in Drake’s career, but not like we have been led to believe.

He tweeted:

He then breaks down the influence Drake has, and how he enjoys working with him:

He then addresses Drizzy writing for other people:

He even goes into Drake being considered soft by the public:

He concludes his message saying:

Listen to the reference track posted by Flex above. What are your thoughts on 40’s statements?

PHOTO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram