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After six months on life support, Bobbi Kristina Brown passed away last night, leaving the world saddened by the tragic sequence of events.

Following Whitney Houston‘s untimely death in 2012, we watched Bobbi Kristina’s life play out in the media – but before the 22-year-old was a topic for tabloids, she was the adorable little girl her mother doted on. Never was their bond more apparent than when the two shared a stage together.

From their lovable duet of “My Love Is Your Love,” to the special moment when Whitney serenaded Bobbi on her birthday, their close relationship in the following clips may bring a tear to your eye.

Watch below for Bobbi Kristina and Whitney Houston’s most loving on stage moments.

Bobbi Kristina steals the show at the 1994 American Music Awards before joining Whitney on stage.

Whitney brings Bobbi on stage in Germany for a duet of “My Love Is Your Love.”

An adorable moment occurs when Whitney tries to get Bobbi to sing, and she’s not having it.

Whitney serenades a young Bobbi Kristina on her birthday.

Whitney lands a kiss on Bobbi Kristina at the 1st annual BET Awards.

Off stage, mother and daughter dance the night away at a Prince concert in 2012.


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