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A mother will do anything to protect her children, even risk her own life.

Thirty-year-old Xiang Liujuan was able to get her child to safety when a floor panel at the top of an escalator collapsed right beneath their feet. While shopping with her 2-year-old son and husband at the Anliang Mall in Jingzhou City, China when the horrific incident occurred, Liujuan immediately passed her son off to a nearby shopping assistant as the floor gave way – ultimately saving his life.

She then attempted to hold on as she fell through the panel, while another shopping assistant pulled at her arm and tried to lift her up. It is unclear if the woman trying to pull Liujuan to safety lets go because she can no longer hold on, or because she was afraid she’d get pulled down as well.

Either way, her attempt to save Liujuan was unsuccessful.

Huffington Post reports:

The store employee scrambles to pull the woman to safety, but is unsuccessful. Firefighters at the Anliang Mall in Jingzhou city, Hubei province worked for four hours to recover her body on Sunday.

Rescue workers told local media that the woman’s body was dragged into the treads of the escalator, according to the Hong Kong Free Press.

As to why the panel collapsed, it was the maintenance workers’ mistake:

Chinese state media reports that maintenance workers forgot to screw in the metal floor panel at the top of the escalator, which was located between the mall’s sixth and seventh floors.

If you can stomach it, watch the gruesome video just above. We pray for Liujuan’s son, husband (who was in a different part of the mall while this happened), and loved ones during this devastating time.

SOURCE: Huffington Post  | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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