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Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s body was released to her family on Tuesday, and her remains are currently being held at an Atlanta-area funeral home.

Brown’s family has now made plans for the funeral and burial services – the funeral will take place on Saturday at the St. James United Methodist Church in Alpharetta, Georgia, and the burial on Monday, at Fairview Cemetery in New Jersey. The deceased 22-year-old singer will rest in a plot next to her mother, the beloved Whitney Houston.

Meanwhile, Brown’s ex-boyfriend Nick Gordon is facing prosecutors who want to charge him with involuntary manslaughter, and they’re pressuring Gordon’s friends to turn him in. Gordon admitted in the past that he and Brown did drugs together the morning she was found face down in her bathtub – however, authorities believe Nick allegedly arranged to get drugs for Bobbi Kristina that same day six months ago.

Unfortunately for prosecutors, the autopsy showed no obvious signs of foul play and of course, toxicology reports can only determine if she was under the influence, not who supplied the drugs.

Prosecutors believe Gordon was fully aware of Brown’s drug problem and intentionally supplied her with drugs, knowing she would indulge to the point of losing consciousness. The key for them in the future will be speaking with friend Max Lomas, the only other person in Brown’s home on January 31st.

Lomas is currently being prosecuted in Georgia for two drug-related felonies, but sources say prosecutors are interested in offering him a deal – probation on the drug charges and immunity in the Bobbi Kristina case in return for spilling all the details of what happened that January.


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