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The past few weeks have been filled with slanderous tweets, hilarious memes, diss tracks, and lots of opinions. Despite whose “side” you were on, Drake and Meek Mill’s public feud has been quite entertaining to watch.

While performing at Chicago’s Lollapalooza Music Festival, MTV caught up with Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky to get his perspective on ghostwriting in hip-hop, Twitter feuds, and who won the rap battle – Drake or Meek Mill?

On ghostwriting: 

“If you ask me if that matters, or if the public cares, that’s two different questions. I think that it doesn’t matter at this point for the public — they seem like they don’t care. I don’t know. To me it matters.”

On his initial perspective:

“Watching this was like watching the Super Bowl. I wanna say thank you to Drake and Meek Mill, because that’s good sportsmanship,” he said. “For real, that sh-t was fun. I needed that. To see that, that’s good sportsmanship.”

Who he thinks won:

“I think Meek will be fine,” he said. “I think he has a fan base of his own, and I think that at the end of the day, there had to be a loser in the outcome, and it was Meek. So it is what it is.”

You can catch the rest of Rocky’s interview here.


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