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After he decided to start things by accusing Toronto’s very own of using a ghostwriterDrake is refusing to let up on his relentless dissing of Meek MillDropping clapback tracks “Charged Up,” “Back To Back” and being declared the overall winner of the battle, Drake then went and bought himself a championship ring.

The ring is courtesy of Dave Bling and his partner Will DaBoss ​at DWS Jewelry & Co., who packed the rock with 5.5 karats. While this could definitely be considered a final jab at Meek, Dave says Drizzy actually ordered the ring well before the beef started. Just so happens they finished it at the perfect time…

Now, what might not be a coincidence is Drake laughing it up with Philly’s most famous and successful rapper ever – Will Smith.

Drizzy posted a photo bro’ing out with Will and Kanye at his 6th annual OVO Fest on Instagram; looks like he’s not going to stop trolling Meek anytime soon.


Meek VS Drake [Memes]
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