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Sorry fellas, Halle Berry is still perfect, and still taken.

Rumors regarding Halle Berry’s union with Olivier Martinez came out in full force lately, as more and more photos revealed Berry’s ring-less left hand. Until recently, the 48-year-old actor had yet to comment, but Berry just confirmed that her relationship with Martinez is stronger than ever. The girl simply lost her ring.

According to TMZ sources, Berry lost her engagement ring in Mexico a year-and-a-half ago while at the Acapulco International Film Festival in January 2014. The Academy Award-winning actor said the ring either fell off her hand, or she left it on a table while receiving the Silver Jaguar Award.

Why didn’t Berry have it replaced, you might ask? Apparently, her to-do list is pretty damn long and it just hasn’t been at the top of it.

We’re taking her word for it, considering she still regularly wears her wedding band and other sources say she and Martinez have had zero discussions about divorce with an attorney. We apologize to all the guys out there who thought they might finally have their shot with the pixie cut queen, but we’re also kind of relieved to see at least one celebrity couple hasn’t called it quits.

Maybe love does exist?


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