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Mariah Carey finally got her star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood today, which her and her fans have been waiting for for many years.

Celebrating the big milestone at the ceremonies in Los Angeles, the “All I Want For Christmas” singer brought dem babies along, her twins Morocco and Monroe Cannon.

The little toddlers were right by her mommy’s side for the whole celebration, but as Mariah was posing on the floor next to her star for a photo op, Morocco couldn’t help but run over to his mommy.

While MiMi didn’t seem to flinch, little Morocco stole the spotlight, and melted our hearts, as he wanted to be part of his mommy’s big moment.

Monroe, on the other hand, waited on the side patiently, watching it all go down. She even was involved in her speech later on in the ceremony.

We’re sure Mariah wasn’t too upset, since the look on Morocco’s face around his mom is one of the cutest things we’ve seen.

See the photos of Mariah, Morocco ad Monroe at the Walk of Fame earlier today.