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Kylie Jenner is officially 18.

Today, the youngest Kardashian finally reached the milestone of legal status, which will mean a sigh of relief for many and a possible end to the “she’s too young for you” jokes she’s had to endure. But let’s keep it real: Kylie’s been living like she was 18 or older far before today – or at least looking like it.

From the all-but-confirmed plastic surgery rumors (she did admit to getting her lips plumped) to her endless collection of racy outfits, Kylie basically transformed from an innocent 16-year-old into a grown woman right before our eyes. In honor of her special day, her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga even shared a NSFW photo of the teen on Instagram, and the birthday girl shared her own cheeky photos for the occasion. See them here.

Also, the memorable, yet sometimes risqué, videos she shares via Snapchat cannot be forgotten. Watch one below that didn’t quite make the cut.

See our point? For more, click through the gallery below to relive every time Kylie Jenner looked way older than her actual age.

PHOTO & VIDEO CREDIT: Getty, Instagram

Every Time Kylie Jenner Looked Way Older Than Her Actual Age
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