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Our society has a perpetual obsession with the Kardashians and their looks. One moment the topic of conversation is Kylie Jenner‘s suddenly plump lips, then it’s Khloe‘s slimmed down physique, and the next, Kim‘s bootylicious ass. There’s never a dull moment – it’s always something, but it’s rarely Kendall Jenner.

Kendall is 100 percent real, 100 percent gorgeous. She’s the only Kardashian who hasn’t had work done, and yet the 19-year-old supermodel probably gets the least amount of praise and attention from the media.

Her younger sister, Kylie, has been stealing the spotlight for months now, especially after rumors regarding her lip injections and alleged plastic surgery started spreading like wildfire. Kylie recently celebrated her 18th birthday, which essentially turned into a month-long extravaganza, so over-the-top and luxurious that one might confuse the occasion for worldwide news. Meanwhile, as per usual, Kendall’s been chillin’ in the background.

We think it’s time we start acknowledging Kendall’s natural beauty. Surgery and makeup can do a lot for a person’s physical appearance, but there’s nothing more beautiful than a woman who is confidently herself, and Kendall Jenner is exactly that. Whether she’s gearing up for a bedtime selfie or posing on the cover of GQ, we’re almost always bound to get the same all-natural Kendall we’ve come to know and love. She’s living and breathing proof that you don’t need makeup, surgery, fame, or money to be beautiful.

If you’re #TeamKendall too, take a look at all the times the 19-year-old stunner embodied natural beauty below.


Every Time Kendall Jenner Defined Natural Beauty
Kendall Jenner
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