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FKA twigs is back like she never left.

The singer continues to push into the ethos of creative bliss with her surprise EP M3LL155X. Twigs gave fans a few treats earlier this month with the release of “Figure 8” and the visuals to “Glass & Patron,” released alongside a dozen other videos by artists honored in this year’s YouTube Music Awards back in March.

The LP also includes a 16-minute video of all the tracks showing the singer in the stages of creating life. From starting as a sex doll, to giving birth to her offspring with colorful tulle, twigs stans will be satisfied with the end result.

Rob Pattinson’s fiancée describes the EP as “an aggressive statement conceptualizing the process of feeling pregnant with pain, birthing creativity and liberation,” according to Pitchfork.

Makes sense.

Check out the videos above and purchase M3LL155X here.

M3LL155X Tracklist

“Figure 8”

“I’m Your Doll”

“In Time”

“Glass & Patron”


SOURCE: Pitchfork | VIDEO CREDIT: YouTube 

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