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We know The Pinkprint tour is a little turnt, but we didn’t expect for it to get this rowdy.

On Friday night, in Concord, California, Nicki Minaj‘s concert came to a halt after fans began a huge fight amongst the crowd. TMZ reports:

Eyewitnesses at the show say that near the end of Minaj’s set in Concord, CA audience members began to push and shove and that’s when things got crazy.

You can see in the video — Nicki witnesses a fan get pepper sprayed by another person and she invites her onto the stage. Several people who were there tweeted the show came to an end shortly after that.

Officials have arrested a 22-year-old man for assaulting a security guard. The incident reportedly happened towards the end of the show.

Meanwhile, Nicki shows us what she does on her downtime with her bae Meek Mill and it involves a whole lot of twerking. Nicki shared a candid video of her twerking on Meek and his reaction was priceless.

After being bodied by Drake, the Twittersphere didn’t believe Meek would ever return, but alas, he has. Meek broke his Twitter silence and explained why he hasn’t been tweeting:

Meek also tweeted about Nicki’s goods:

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SOURCE: TMZ, Complex | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash, Instagram

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