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Never one to shy away from candid conversation, model Cara Delevingne has spoken her mind regarding sexual harassment in the fashion industry and elsewhere with regard to young females.

In an article from the British publication The Times, Cara once again uses her position as “It Girl” as a platform to sound off on the injustices facing the modeling and entertainment industries.

“I am a bit of a feminist and it makes me feel sick,” she told The Times. “It’s horrible and it’s disgusting. [We’re talking about] young girls. You start when you are really young and you do, you get subjected to … not great stuff.”

“I think you get that [sexual harassment] in every industry,” she said. “I don’t think it’s just modeling, although I think it’s worse in modeling. There are male photographers who go into it purely because of the girls. But in every industry, if you are pretty, or someone likes the look of you … It’s not good.”

Cara, 23, goes on to say she has been subject to the aforementioned, and has seen others face the same problem. Not one to be silenced, Delevingne remarked that she will not let this behavior fly.

“I am very good at standing up for myself now, and for other people,” she explains. “If there is injustice I will flip out. If someone is crossing a line, they will know about it and so will everyone else. I’m not about brushing things under the carpet.”

Message: Don’t come for Cara.

SOURCE: The Times via Complex | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash News

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