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It’s time for you to get to know Leikeli47.

The Brooklyn native is known for her hard-hitting rap style and elusiveness, but she’s back with a new cut titled “My Ex Is A Ho.” Because whose ex isn’t a ho?

Leikeli dedicated her single artwork to legendary NCAA coaches Dean Smith and John Wooden, while calling out her cheating two-timing ex-boyfriend.d

“Been with my dude since MySpace, just told him that I needed my space,” raps Leikeli. “Saw you creeping up in my Beamer/ Dean Smith, John Wooden, I had to call a time out before they started shootin’,” she continues.

If Leikeli’s name looks familiar, it’s because Jay Z selected her song “F*ck The Summer Up” for his TIDAL “F*ck The Summer Up” playlist back in June. Leikeli47 is currently working on her debut album, but you can catch her in living color at the North Coast Festival and Life Is Beautiful Festival in September.

If you hate your ex like Leikeli hates her ex, press play below.

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