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FDA Approves Libido Pill for Women

There has been a major breakthrough in the realm of women’s heath – the Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug to increase a woman’s sex drive. The drug, Addyi, is from Sprout Pharmaceuticals and is being dubbed the “Viagra for women.” Addyi helps to treat absent libido. The FDA has come under fire for not giving enough attention to the sexual needs of women. “I think this is going to change the conversation that’s taking place in medical offices across the country,” said Dr. Lauren Streicher, associate professor of clinical obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University. Some of the side effects of Addyi include low blood pressure, fainting, nausea, dizziness, and sleepiness. Read more.

Trailer Released for Trevor Noah’s “Daily Show”

It’s been almost two weeks since Jon Stewart signed off from The Daily Show, but Comedy Central recently gave viewers a sneak peek of what’s on the horizon. The network released a trailer featuring the show’s new host, Trevor Noah. “People will say, ‘He’s not Jon Stewart.’ I know I’m not. I haven’t earned that stature yet,” said 31-year-old Noah, who hails from South Africa. “I hope someday I will. I just want to build on the foundation he built.” Noah found himself in hot water not too long ago when people brought up some of his old tweets that seemed discriminatory towards women and Jews. Either way, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is slated to air on September 28th. Read more.

Photographer Known for Taking African Diaspora Pictures Dies

Tony Gleaton, a photographer who was best known for shooting images of the African Diaspora, has died. Gleaton began taking photos for New York-based fashion companies and then embarked on a journey to Latin America to capture images of Black cowboys. His exhibition “Africa’s Legacy in Mexico,” was sponsored by the Smithsonian Institution and displayed at different galleries throughout the country in the ’90s. “This is not journalism. I am making art,” said Gleaton. “These are beautiful photographs of people who are not normally portrayed in a beautiful way.” Gleaton died last week in Palo Alto, Calif. He was 67-years-old. Read more.


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