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It doesn’t seem like anyone can get enough of little Riley Curry, and with the NBA season coming up, fans are hoping her time to shine comes again too.

After her father Stephen Curry took her to a post-game press conference during the NBA Finals this year, the 3-year-old became a huge sensation in the country for her adorable behavior.

Since then, fans have been demanding more Riley moments, and even so when her daddy did an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live! He talked all about taking her to the press conferences, and she was even in the audience to watch.

He commented on her being at the press conferences:

“It was my first time bringing her up there. So it was a cool platform to show your daughter what you do for a living and enjoy a win, and she took it by storm.”

When they showed Riley on camera in the audience, she seemed shy at first, and gave a little smirk while in her mother’s arms. Steph explained that she has no idea how big of a sensation she is, and probably doesn’t know why the cameras are on her.

Once the camera panned back to Riley, she was all smiles, and even gave a wave to her daddy up on the stage, in perfect Riley Curry fashion.

Steph also took to twitter yesterday after someone followed him and his family in their car:

All hail, Riley. Watch the video of Steph’s interview above and check out more from the interview below.


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