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Can we get a moment of silence?

In the new September issue of EBONY magazine, the slayage runs deep, as the publication features some of the fashion industry’s most talented black models. The amazing cover photo includes Winnie Harlow, Milan Dixon, Fatima Siad, Marquita Pring, Diandra Forrest, and Samantha Archibald, who all have different looks, but are equally stunning.

Inside the issue, EBONY sits down with three generations of legendary runway models for an eye-opening discussion. Both Tyra Banks and Beverly Johnson spoke about the importance of being a black model in the industry.

Gail O’Neill also had this to say:

Then, Gail O’Neill reflects on how big business has affected Black models, “When I started in 1985, the industry was far more integrated. I feel sorry for the Black girls working today. So many times there is just one brown face, maybe two, in the couture shows…I can’t even count how many brown girls I would see every time the collections came around.”

Check out the sneak peek above and leave your thoughts below.

SOURCE: The YBF | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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