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The MTV VMAs were on last night, so we don’t blame you if you missed Fear The Walking Dead – but you missed a great episode. In episode 102 So Close, Yet So Far, the family is forced to deal with a lot of issues after seeing first-hand what the outbreak really can do.

We’ve broken down the top 5 WTF, OMG, GTFOH Moments from this week’s episode. Note: from this point on, there will be spoilers.

Blasphemy. People are turning into Walkers and no one seems to give a damn. After Nick, Travis, and Madison fail to put an end to zombiefied Calvin, they turn on the radio to see if anyone is talking about the Walkers…and nothing. Instead, they hear that a washed up quarterback’s injury is a catastrophe of biblical proportions. This is when Travis decides that they shouldn’t warn anyone else, but rather get away from people altogether. That Travis is such a caring individual. He calls his son as they head to see Alicia, who doesn’t want to leave her boyfriend Matt’s side because he’s “sick.” Travis is only telling the people he cares about.

Alicia & Matt Don’t Use Condoms. Alicia has no clue that people are turning into zombies. When her mother Madison tells her to get away from her “sick” boyfriend, Alicia says, “If he has it, I have it.” Alicia wants to be the good girlfriend and stay by her man’s side, but he forces her to go. The WTF moment happens when everyone proceeds not to pay attention to the information they already know. Matt thinks he is going to fine, Madison and Travis fail to ask, “How did you get bit?” Then they leave Matt there for his parents to find him and hopefully take care of him when he returns.

They Don’t Give A Fuck. Nick the drug addict seems to be the only one who cares about the Zombie Apocalypse, because his mother and Travis don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves. Maybe that’s why Nick is on drugs. Their neighbors are having a birthday party, invite them and mention the bug that’s going around. Nick urges his mom to tell them what they know, mom says nothing. You just killed a guy who came back to life after being shot and ran over twice by a truck, and he’s still moving. No need to tell anyone. Tobias from episode one broke everything down for you already, but still. Nothing. Then, when the neighbors are being eaten by a zombie, they do nothing.

Fresh Zombies Are Hard-Headed. Madison returns to the school to get drugs for her son, finds Tobias looking for his knife, and offers a lot more information about the outbreak as they stock up on goods to make a run for it. That’s when they find the principal, who doesn’t go down easy. It take a few hits to the skull with a fire hydrant to stop him, when it would have taken one blunt blow in the original Walking Dead to stop a Walker.

#ZombieLivesMatter. The people in Fear The Walking Dead need something to care about, so they foolishly care about the Walkers being shot to death by cops. They crowd a police scene, which quickly turns ugly as zombies and people start to get out of control. That’s when Travis, his wife, and son seek shelter in a store front, holding up the family’s escape.

Fear The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9pm on AMC.


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