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Are you a Lupe Fiasco fan? Did you hate his third studio album Lasers? If so, the Chicago rapper will help you destroy it.

Lupe, who said he was inspired by Atari burying unsold copies of its E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial game in 1983, announced he’ll help fans get rid of the album considered to be a “flop.”

He wrote on Facebook:

“If you have a physical copy of Lasers that you absolutely hate and wish for it to be rendered non-existent then you can send it back to me and I’ll have it destroyed with an actual giant laser and send it into next world in spectacular grand fashion and we can all get on with life nice and happy like it never happened. No hard feelings.”

Lupe explained the process in detail on his Instagram page:

Although Lupe maintains that he loves Lasers, it’s kinda great to see him listening to his fans. Will you be sending your copy back?

SOURCE: Instagram, Facebook | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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