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If you haven’t already heard, Will Smith is all set to star in Concussion, a dramatic thriller based on the story of Dr. Bennet Omalu, “the brilliant forensic neuropathologist who made the first discovery of CTE, a football-related brain trauma, in a pro player,” as described by IMDB.

After the first trailer dropped, The New York Times criticized Sony, claiming the studio went soft on the NFL out of fear. Now, Sony and the film are under fire.

THR explains:

That narrative, which was introduced by a New York Times article that ran Tuesday — a day after the first trailer debuted — relied heavily on email exchanges that paint the studio as fearful of the NFL’s reaction to the film and are publicly available thanks to last year’s hack.

“These emails were taken out of context in a year-plus creative process that’s a constant negotiation,” the film’s writer-director, Peter Landesman, tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I can tell you my concern for the NFL and the studio’s concern for the NFL was less than zero.”

Sony fought back with the following statement:

“Today’s New York Times article and headline, written by individuals who have not seen the film, contains many misleading inferences,” a Sony Pictures spokesperson said. “As will become immediately clear to anyone actually seeing the movie, nothing with regard to this important story has been ‘softened’ to placate anyone.”

The film’s director, Peter Landesman, does admit that certain scenes were cut:

“I had a scene in the movie that took place in a room that I wasn’t in, [depicting] a conversation that took place between people that I didn’t talk to,” Landesman says. “I knew that scene took place and that conversation took place, but I didn’t hear it myself. I knew about it because I talked to someone who was in that room. I wanted to be responsible and careful, and I didn’t want to be defamatory. So, we took that out. And by the way, the movie doesn’t need it because the movie is so strong.”

Concussion hits theaters on December 25th, 2015.

We’re pretty sure Bryan Cranston has never given birth, but that didn’t stop the Breaking Bad actor from comparing pregnancy to fame.

Bryan made the comparison during a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Us Weekly reports:

“Being [famous] is almost like being a pregnant woman. People think they can just put their hand on your belly and tell you, ‘Oh, you’re going to have a boy!’ It’s like having a complete stranger fondling you,” the Trumbo star explained. “And they have this sensibility where they feel comfortable coming up to you and saying, ‘You know that thing you did? I didn’t like that movie.’”

He continued:

“They’ll go, ‘I didn’t like your character’s arc.’ But I’m open to all of it,” Cranston told THR. “The only failure in art is when you move someone to no emotion whatsoever. I’d rather have people fiercely angry with me so long as they’re moved to some emotion. Even if the emotion was off-target — even if I was trying to move the audience one place and they go another. You missed, but at least they felt something.”

What do you think, ladies?

Dope was arguably the dopest movie of the year.

Now, we’ll be able to enjoy the star-studded film from the comfort of our own homes, as it will be available on Blu-ray and DVD on October 13th of this year.

A must-see, action-packed movie about the hard knock life geeks live, Shameik Moore totally won us over as Malcolm, the straight-A student who just can’t seem to avoid L.A.’s toughest drug dealers.

We’ll definitely be coppin’ this when it hits shelves.

Sicario, a film about the war on drugs at the border area between the United States and Mexico, will hit theaters on October 2nd.

In the intense clip above, a task force put together by the FBI comes face-to-face with some really badass drug dealers in the middle of traffic. Guns blazing, the two crews square off, as they quickly determine their options with hundreds of innocent people surrounded by the mayhem in their cars.

Check it out above.


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