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Behind the music, Mac Miller struggled with addiction for some time.

The Pittsburgh rapper opened up about his days pre-sobriety in a new podcast episode with hip-hop comedy sketch-team ItsTheReal. In the interview, Miller revealed that music legend Rick Rubin played a very important role in getting him sober and encouraging him to get his life together. Via The FADER:

After a European tour got too crazy, the legendary producer apparently encouraged Mac to “get his life together.” Rubin helped him stay sober “a few weeks to a month,” while the rapper stayed at a house down the street from him.


Miller also discussed collaborating on a project with Pharrell called Pink Slime, which was never released due to Mac wanting to focus on his second studio album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off.

“One of the tracks we did, actually, ended up on Travi$ Scott’s album. I’m not gonna say which one. I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that. It was dope!…I think, at that point, I had to make this decision—which I was proud of myself for making, that Pharrell is this artist, years in the game who’s up here. And I needed to cement my own identity and what I did first. I wanted to put out Watching Movies,” he said.

Mac even revealed he was going to put out a Christmas album with Cam’ronsaying:

It was like around the same time I was gonna do the Pharrell EP…[Cam’ron] wanted to do it like Step Brothers-themed. Looking back, I wish I [put it out]. But I’ve made, like, nine albums before putting this one [GO:OD AM] out.

Listen to the very entertaining podcast interview below, and stay tuned for the release of his new album GO:OD AM on September 18th.


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