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Mac Miller is gearing up to release his new album, so it’s only right we break down some of his tweets for your entertainment purposes on Socially Decoded.

Mac has no problem sharing what’s on his mind – whether it’s giving a shout-out to the homie that got punched in the face last night, or sharing his theory about people who argue in the comment sections of Instagram.

We had Andrew Shultz, Wil Sylvince, Jesenia and Jenni, BlogXilla, Kreesha Turner, Tiara Thomas, Mr. Mecc and Jamal decipher all of Mac’s hilarity on Twitter.

Please be aware that these are all jokes and the views expressed by the Twitter trolls, comedians, artists, and bloggers don’t necessarily represent the views of GlobalGrind or its editors.

Mac’s new album GO:OD AM hits stores on September 18th. For more Socially Decoded, click here.

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