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Fashion Week is always an exciting time in New York City.

Not only are some of our favorite celebrities hitting the star-studded shows in their best designer digs, their celebrity kids are showing the world what they’ve got too. During a recent Haddad Brands’ Kid’s Rock! Fashion Show, Devon Still‘s daughter Leah inspired the audience as she strut her stuff down the runway in double denim.

Smiling while all eyes were on her, the sweet kid looked like she was born to model. As we all know, Leah has had a rough battle cancer, so it’s good to see her out and about enjoying her life.

She wasn’t the only cute celebrity kid hitting the runway though. Fabolous‘ mini-me Prince Joso was decked out in plaid and a pair of shades that said “I’m the man.”  Carmelo and LaLa Anthony‘s son Kiyan was also there doing his thing throughout the adorable event.

Devon Still said of his daughter’s participation:

“This fashion show teaches her so much more than just how to be a model which is why I love when she does it. Leah sometimes struggles with the physical changes she went through from her cancer battle (hair and weight loss). But when I watch her walk down the runway and I see that smile on her face as she is cheered on by the crowd I see a confident side of her that’s thinking nothing of those changes.”

They all have such beautiful families.

Check out some videos and pictures above.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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