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With a name like War+Drobe, this might not be what you expect.

Either way, it’s still dope. Yesterday, I got the chance to preview a new lifestyle brand called War+Drobe, and while the name may imply a focus on kicks and clothing, it’s actually aimed towards skaters. The innovative brand offers consumers the opportunity to personalize their skateboards with a collection of interchangeable faceplates.

All artistically colorful and vibrant, the plates come in a variety of designs and can be fitted over War+Drobe skateboards, which range in color from blue, to pink, and even a sleek, limited-edition all-black.

The man with the vision – War+Drobe’s founder Cornell Miller – spoke with me about the motivation behind the brand:

“Just thinking of making it easier and being more innovative. I was thinking, ‘OK well, why can’t these things interchange like cell phone covers?’ And that’s been my inspiration,” he said.

With big name celebrities on board, such as Kid Ink, Ashlee Simpson, and Evan Ross, we’re bound to be seeing much more from this lifestyle brand in the future.

When discussing what these stars can bring to War+Drobe, Cornell continued:

“Hopefully, they just bring them. Whatever they love, whatever they think is creative and beautiful, they’ll bring it to the table.”

War+Drobe is also looking to expand its line to include hats, backpacks, and more. Keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come.

PHOTO CREDIT: Melanie Smith

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